How to pass output from REST POST API test case to UI test case as input

Hello All,

I am pretty new to Katalon and I have following scenario :-

Test suite for UI testing exists with few TCs
Test suite for API testing exists with few test case.

  1. A very naive question is how can I see (switch accross these two test suites on Katalon studio) At one time I can only see either UI test suite or API test suite.

  2. I want to pass output of POST API test case as an input to web/UI test suite. ( basically user gets created from POST request and once that is successful then only UI testing should trigger; it does need an output from API to trigger UI test cases in the URL )


You can use WebUI.* and WS.* keywords together in a test case. Have a look at the following post:

You can save the value returned by POST API into a Groovy local variable in a testcase. And you can pass the variable value to Web UI test keyword.

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Thanks for such a quick reply, kazurayam.

I returned value from POST API into a Groovy local variable in a testcase and passed it to UI TC. It worked !!