How to parameterize HTTP URL in API testing

I have SOAP Request which I am testing.
I have created the Object repository and mapped the test cases

However my requirement is, how to parameterize the HTTP URL so that i can run my request on multiple http URL
An example…below

So the “servername:port” is something that i would like to change so when i run the test suite, it can pick up from variables and run in iterative fashion(serial or parallel)

So can anyone please share some insight into it?

You could follow this tutorial to parameterize the URL:

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Thank you very much Brian,

That tech-note link was helpful and it worked for me.

Very useful information

hi,I want to pass a value in the test case to a variable in the HTTP body of the API test. What will I write in my test case?

@Ameet_Thakkar This can help you: How to use Global Variable directly in Object Repository URL