How to overwrite tool automatic test result

Can anyone suggest how can i overwrite the test result or manually feed the result to tool , so that after execution of test case , tool will show status as user defined/coded?

Ex: if my condition returns FAIL/FALSE , i need to enforce test result(tool result output) should be FAILED rather PASSED in some cases.


It sounds like you may want to use the MarkFailed, MarkError, MarkPassed keywords. You can then mark the Pass or Fail of test conditionally.

Hi Perter,
Yes , that is what i want it.

May i know how can use them in Manual mode ?
I think these are inbuilt functions/methods.How would new to this tool person knows about such in built ones and how to use them syntactically correct in manual mode ?

I have a difficulty in defining/coding in my tests as its hard to know all such defined keywords/functions and it’s usage.


I don’t believe markFailed is available through Manual Mode. It’s quite easy to implement in Script mode.

Add this import to the top of the file.

import com.kms.katalon.core.util.KeywordUtil

then the command is:
KeywordUtil.markFailed(‘ERROR: An error has occurred.’)
KeywordUtil.markPassed(‘SUCCESS: The result is correct.’)

You can then use an IF statement to compare a state and then determine the status of the test.