How to optimize Git ignore files?

Hi all,
Just so you know, we did configure the Git ignore file in accordance with what is suggested on the Katalon website.
and still we noticed that after executing test suites on a remote machine via Katalon or after changing files locally in Katalon on the same remote machine we create a lot of conflicts in Git (Bitbucket) which are not always easy to resolve. For instance, changes in the test case execution order within Test Suites or just a test execution itself and the changes that the execution process makes affect the files and simple push/pull actions don’t resolve the conflicts.
Were you able to configure the Git ignore file in a way that allows you to run test cases anywhere and be able to push/pull changes anytime ?
Is there a way to make Katalon ‘Read Only’ on a execution machine, so nobody can change configurations and create conflicts in Git ?


You can configure .gitignore file within Katalon Studio project to include the files to you want to ignore during pull/push.

If you want to make Katalon Studio as ‘read-only’ on execution machine, please follow this guide