How to open a URL in a new firefox window

I want to open a link in a firefox window. How to do that

Hi Manu,

You can choose the firefox in the Run button

Just make sure that you have firefox installed in your machine.

Hope that helps. . . :slight_smile:


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Sorry, I may not have been clear. What I want to do is open two applications. Let’s I open in firefox window. Can i open on the same browser but different window?
Basically I want to have both and open at the same time. And should be able to interact them simultaneously.

Hi Manu,

you need to create a test suite collection and select the execution information to parallel.

To do that:
1. Create two test suites. One for and one for
1.1. In creating a test suite go to test explorer > test suites > right click > new > test suites.
1.2. For creating a test collection same procedure in 1.1 just select test suite collection.
2. Add those two test suites in your test suite collection.
3. In run with tab select a row then double click, choose a browser (in your case choose firefox).
4. Go to execution information then select Parallel.
5. Execute your automation. It will launch two browser. One will access amazon and the other one will access cnn.

Let me know if you encounter problems.


Thanks., Can both the tests interact so that I can verify the content from one browser to another browser