How to make the Target a variable?

OK - Im a Newbie here… Im trying to use Katalon Recorder to populate a collection of IP address/configuration records. I recorded a test case and can clone my test case and update the values as needed. I have 40 IPs that need to be added, so I have 40 test cases in my suite.

Each test case starts with a first row as an “Open” command to a URL in the Target. Is it possible to define a define a variable for the “Target” column? - as opposed to defining a variable for the “Value” column.

Thanks !

Disregard… figured it out. I just assumed that a Var could not be referenced in the Target column, but it can. So I created a CSV in Excel, put open in A1 and the URL in A2, and then added ${open} to the Target column in my test and it works. It seems though that the Test is still running and I need to manually stop it. Digging into the logs now.

Do you have endLoadVars command at the end of your loop?
But, I guess without this command your script wouldn’t run at all.