How to integrate bluestack with Katalon Studio 9.5

Heard about Bluestack emulator for Android in windows or Mac.
Need more information if Bluestack being an open source, can it be integrated with Katalon studio?
Does Katalon Studio support Bluestack?
Can Bluestack be used for ios as well?

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Hi @sukanya.ramesh,

Let me ask my team and back to you soon


Katalon has not yet supported it. Hope this can help

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Hi Sukanya, :wave:

Welcome to our forum.

I believe Elly’s comment has answer your first question about Katalon’s support for BlueStack.

As for your second question, we are not sure if you are looking to run BlueStack on an iOS device, or that you are looking to emulate iOS using BlueStack.

After a little digging through Google, I found that BlueStack is only available on Windows and MacOS at the moment, and is primarily used to emulate Android.

For emulators that can emulate iOS, maybe you can check out the list below:

We hope this helps