How to import variables in bulk?

Can I import variables by using my script?

I do not understand your question. What variables? What script?

How to create testcase’s variables faster?

You must either declare it explicitly or use external file for getting variables (JSON or similar)

  • The variables are declared inside an xml file that you can see them in the Variables(Script mode) window
    you can for example create a script that will generate similar xml tree and the copy and past them manually

  • All test case informations (not the script only info) are stored inside the TestCases folder .
    Right click a test case and then click open containing folder image
    the foulder contains .tc files which represent a testcase
    you can create a script to edit this file to add the variables
    I’m using this to create my test cases , for each testcase i have a script that creats the testcase file from scratch and then i add them to this folder

3Q, maybe my question is wrong.