How to implement Data-driven Testing with MySQL?

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The decision to remove MySQL JDBC driver makes Katalon features more restricted to the Free version, since only Enterprise users can add a custom driver.
Sad to see that Katalon became more and more useless for users looking for free solutions.

What next? Remove the DataDriven feature completely from the free version?

I doubt it.

I tried and could download and add mysql-connector-java-8.0.24.jar into the Drivers folder in KS ver 7.9.1 Free version.

I do not have MySQL instance to test upon at the moment. Later will check.

@kazurayam I hope we can still add it into the Drivers folder to use with custom scripts.
But we cannot use it it as an user-defined data-driven connector.

Which defeats the entire philosophy for the data driven simplicity mechanism in Katalon for one of the most worldwide used RDB (MySQL with his opensource companion mariaDB).
Why should I still use it, if for any ‘feature’ I have to start to re-implement my custom connectors, iterators, reporters?

LE: @kazurayam try for example to use your sqlite model with the free version. A feature wich i suggested long time ago that should be added by default in addition to various useless data sources like xl*.
Instead of enlarging the support, katalon team only reduce it.
Therefore my prediction, i wont be surprised if the data driven embedded feature will be totally removed from the free version

Have you tried it yourself? — sorry, I haven’t.

You or I will check if we actually see any Error dialog appearing in KS8 Free version which says “You can not use Data-driven Testing with MySQL any longer. You are required to purchase the Enterprise license.”. If I see it, I will take a screenshot and share it here.

Calm down, and let’s find a fact first. After that, we will talk something.

… Ah, it will take more than 30 days. If I install KS8 today, I will be automatically entitled to the Enterprise license for 30 days trial. But I need KS8 Free version to check. So I need to wait for 30 days until expiration.

The fact is already found. I tried using sqlite or whatever else jdbc driver.
I wont repeat it with mysql driver just to prove what is obvious

Really? Do you mean, I can no longer use Data-driven testing backed by any type of DB in KS8 Free version?

If it is a case, I would see the explanation at the URL is poorly written.


any comment?

@kazurayam lets make it clear.
With the free version you cannot choose a third-party JDBC driver, even if you import the jar into drivers.
This i think it is already documented, and you can search the forum for such use-cases.
So, by removing mysql from the embedded list (postgres, odbc and mssql may be still supported for a while) you only have the options to use those remaining, or internal (which by using xml is silly imho), csv or xls× as direct dataprovider for a test suite.
So, katalon instead of enlarging support for additional data formats, will just make it more and more difficult (even for enterprise users, you have to import the connector now and bake it with your project, which will lead most probably lot of already in use scenarios to fail)

Yes, I found it.

Hello @bionel and @kazurayam

Thank you for your feedback. Thanks to your discussion, we found errors in the document regarding the required KSE license and a must of adding JDBC Driver class.

Implementing DDT with MySQL is still available for free user. What’s been changed is we removed its executable jar file from our bundled libraries, which gives you flexibility in choosing which MySQL version to use.

To continue using it, you just need to add a new jar file to the external library for establishing the database connection. You don’t have to indicate the MySQL’s JDBC Driver class in Project Settings/Database.

I apologize for this mistake.


@Jass thanks for the head-up.
Ok, i will test this based on your update.
However is still an inconvenient for existing projects but i hope the affected users will have understanding on this.