How to handle two layer authentication for login to a page


I am new to Katalon Studios. My web application as a two layer authentication. first is asks for username/Password. Katalon allows that. after login my app comes to a popup where it asks for person’s login id. Here the record Web app of Katalon does not allow me to enter the id, it just goes to automatically close the browser.

Please let me know how to get this solved. I dont want to close the browser unless specified.


any error? html? something that will help us?

this is the only screen that i get

katalon failure.png

ehmmm… so when you execute that it opens browser with correct application, allows you to enter - mnaualy by yoursefl login and password and then closes browser?
do i understand that right?

yes… after entering login and passwd, my web aap asks for a login is again… when i do web recording with Katalon. it just gives me the popup and then closes the browser