How to handle react classes in katalon

Hi Team,

We have react class pulgin being used in the application as date picker.
We want to select the date automatically from the date picker, using code.
But unable to select the date at run time as it displaying 2 objects with same xpath.
like //div[contains(text(),‘3’)][count(. | //[@aria-label = ‘day-3’]) = count(//[@aria-label = ‘day-3’])]
with : year : 2001 & month : June

logic for date is to subtract n number of years from current date to get a date which either 18 years or more years old.
i.e. subtract number of years from the current date [ no of year reading from excel [ data source ] ]

We have created dynamic logic for date subtraction based on the data being entered in the excel.
so after the new date is being calculated we are selecting it from the date picker.
solution : month & year selection is correctly done as its a drop-down,
but date is not getting selected , so we getting multiple references for the date picker

methods tried :

  1. selecting the date by hard coding the object values in the OR but then the object correct value is not being selected.
  2. Dynamically updating the object properties at run-time and trying selection
    but no luck
    can you please help in getting some unique way to get just single object for selection