How to handle modalDialog having a table within it ? (For upload)

There is modal dialog with two options to upload a file
1)Select file
2)Drag and Drop file
Above two options are within a table of modal dialog.
Can anyone suggest what will be suitable way to handle this modal dialog???

I tried to cancel this dialog using DismissAlert - but it did’nt work as well.

Note: Structure
Frame>>Attachment link>>modal dialog>>click on “Select File” option(within table) >>Window opens to select a file for upload.


Hi Itachi

Firstly, when you say “modal dialog”, is this an HTML element launched by showModal(), or is it something you’re calling a modal dialog that is in fact something else?

Next, when you say “Frame” is this an iframe/frame (a sub frame of the parent document) or, again, something else? If it’s a sub frame, are you using[WebUI]+Switch+To+Frame to switch context to it?

It’s hard to figure out what help you need without knowing what HTML elements and code you’re dealing with.