How to handle dynamic values returned by server in Katalon recorder scripts for login

I am trying out recording the login scenario for my application using Katalon. The script gets recorded fine, playback fails because of the dynamic token generated each time for a new login session. Is there some way to do handle such dynamic values in katalon? (like for example how Loadrunner has the Correlation feature to handle tokens returned by the server).


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Is it possible to retrieve the token via JavaScript. If it is, you can use “runScript” command to get and store the token. Example:

runScript | return getToken(); | token
echo | ${token}


I’m a start user to katalon in france,

I have to use the item Navigate to url to a Url type: https://xxx/horizonprod565
with “horizonprod565” which evolves with each connection.

Can you tell me how?