How to get page index So I can go to the next page?

I have this website that has Page indexes I need to get how many pages it has so I can click on the “next button” so I can go through them One by one Then do a certain function on each page until I am on the last Page then I need it to stop Looping when reach the last page.

Each user has difference page numbers to I can not do it manually and set the number of pages and make it loop through accordingly

So any idea how to do it or what i need to get
I Have already used SpyWeb and got the element i need to click and I have the function ready to be used on the page
All i need now is a way to go to the next page one page at at time till i reach the last page do my function then stop and exist Loop

Please read this guidance.

People in this forum, other than you, can not look at the HTML source code of your Application Under Test. Without looking at the HTML source, nobody would be able to answer to your question.

If the URL of your target web app is public, please tell it to us.

If it is private and you can not disclose it for security reasons etc, others can not see it on browser on their PC. In this case I can not help you.

If the web app is private but you can disclose it to others, you can download the site using wget and zip it. You can post the zip here.

it is private and you need a username and password to access it not a public website
anws i am just asking for a method or general logic if it is available and later on ill be able to do it according to my website

oh yeah and i have read that

I would have no idea without looking at the problem HTML.

i hope this would help
as i can see this is the page index

and as u can see here this is how it changes when i go to another page (here at index 2)

I want a way to loop through these pages one by one
start at page 1 (do a function) go to page 2( do same function) go to page 3 … till I’m done
if you need more details or anything different let me know I’m ready to provide if possible

No, it does not help. The screenshots of HTML fragments make me tired.

You should imagine how difficult it is for others to understand these screenshots without the live URL in action in browser. To you it could be easy, but to others it’s just puzzling, tiring.

I need the URLs in action, or the web site (= a set of HTML+CSS+JS+Images files) downloaded and zipped.

Unless provided, sorry, I would quit.

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Sure, can you guide me to how to provide that for you if possible i appreciate it

Use wget command.

However, if the web site is protected by password, then you would fail to download the site using WGET. In this case, change the web site NOT to ask for password. I believe your development team of the target web app can make it password-free within your local private network.

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unfortunately not possible but thank you tough