How to get deleted objects page to stay after clicking on element in Katalon Recorder

I’m using Katalon Recorder and I have a part where I click on a trash can icon from an objects page to go to deleted objects, but when I’m testing it, it does not stay on the deleted objects. It returns to the previous objects. Is there a command to use where it will stay on the deleted objects, the part I clicked on and (didn’t click on anything else)?


Can you provide screenshots/videos/gifs of the issue. I haven’t quite grasped the problem yet.

Yes, the first gif is without Katalon Recorder, and the second gif is playing the test case with Katalon Recorder.

@ThanhTo In this second gif, the recorder clicks on the button, but it will go back to the previous elements (non-deleted groups) without clicking on anything.

:sweat_smile: Can you provide a gif with a larger solution? I can’t really see what’s going on specifically.

:smile: Yes, the first gif is without Katalon Recorder

In the second gif with Katalon Recorder, after the trash icon is clicked on, it goes back to the original groups on page.

That certainly seems weird, what is the test step right after clicking on the trash icon in your test case? Please provide the test case if possible.

Yes it is, the test step is clicking on an element that will be right clicked later (xpath=//div[@id=‘fancy-grid-39’]/div[2]/div[2]/div[4]/div[2]/div).
Clicking on the trash icon is (xpath=//div[@id=‘wrapper’]/div/div/div[2]/i)

That looks like a potential suspect, what happens if you remove the two steps after clicking on the trash icon? If it doesn’t navigate back to the groups like you said, then the problem maybe because the locator of this test step:

may point to an element different from what you expected.

After I removed the two steps after clicking on the trash icon, it stills navigates back to the groups. I tried clicking on the trash icon a second time after clicking on the returning to groups and it stays on the deleted groups page.