How to get all data in selected column and stored in array?

Hi team,

I want to store all data from “User” column into array

because when i findTestData(“TD_01”).getAllData(), it prints
[[User1, Email1], [User2, Email2], [User3, Email3], [User4, Email4], [User5, Email5]]

How can i only print [User1, User2, User3, User4, User5] ?


This is more a groovy question ^^
I don’t know what you want this for (because for data-driven testing, you have plenty of built-in solutions using Test Suites and variables), but I managed to do it in this way (there is maybe a better one) :slight_smile:

def dfile = findTestData("New Test Data").getAllData().collect{it[0]}
println dfile 

enjoy :wink:

Wow Antoine, thanks for your reply.
This is all i need hhe :smiley:
Thanks you.