How to follow XSD references from WSDL for schema compliance validation?

So since i failed to do schema validation with a WSDL URL, i decided to download the WSDL and XSD files and use them locally where i can edit the XSD paths in the WSDL file.

I created a new folder in the project directory and put the files there. The WSDL has local links to the XSD files like this:
<xsd:import schemaLocation="faults.xsd"/>

I’m trying the XML validation method in the verification script:
It does not work because Katalon creates a temporary copy of the WSDL file and tries to find the XSD files in there:
An error occurred trying to resolve schema referenced at 'faults.xsd', relative to 'file:/C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Temp/temp6508265784834678605.wsdl'

As i found out, it works the same way in the Validation tab.

So is there a way to make Katalon actually find those XSD files?
I guess i could write absolute paths to them inside the WSDL, but that’s really not a good idea.

For now i came up with a hybrid solution. I have the WSDL as a local file that contains correct URLs to XSDs. This works.