How to find locator of image provided in the browser stack

[1] In the following image, you can see I am using the ‘Mobile Spy’ feature provided by Katalon Studio and my real physical device is showing in the Device name section.

[2] Now my script’s requirement is that I need to upload the image as a Logo.jpg(stored in my local device) file and in the following image you can see I can find the locator/object properties of the Logo.jpg file and can select the file.[using Object Spy]

Question: I have seen that browser stack has its own media file stack.jpg then how to find a locator for the image so that I can use that image in my script?


It is interesting but I do not know how. Can anyone please take a look?

Hi @ashwini ,
I can suggest u 2 approaches for finding the locator of img store in the BrowserStack device

  1. Connect BrowserStack device in mobile spy as Remote device
    BrowserStack Integration | Katalon Docs

  2. Use App Live in BS to find the locator

If this approach seems helpful or need details feel free to ask

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