How to find all inputs on a page WITHOUT having the test objects already found in katalon studio?

I used to use WWW::Mechanize::{Browser} when doing tests like these in Perl, but due to the nature of the projects I am working with now, spinup times are a critical factor. I have googled around and looked at documentation but I can’t see to figure out a way to have a katalon script load a page, and pull a list of all available inputs. The only way I have managed to get them all so far is to use the recorder and literally click everything on pages so they get captured. I am trying to avoid the need to do that.

In perl, I would do something like:

$url = ‘’;
$mech = WWW::Mechanize::Firefox->new();
@forms = $mech->forms();
foreach $form (@forms){


then I could iterate through the forms, determine the input names, assign their corresponding values, and do a submit on that form. I can’t figure out a way to get all forms on a given page, set values, and submit the form without knowing each part of the form, its names, and having the objects stored in katalon. Makes it difficult to apply test cases to new projects since form names are different and ordered differently between projects.