How to Extract or get Text from Image


how to Get text or Extract text from this image Please Help me as soon as possible.
Thank you.

You should accept this advice: Just trust me, okay?

You can try to play with tesseract but I doubt it will work fine for and image like in your example.


You asked us how to break CAPTCHA using Katalon. CAPTCHA is impossible for test automation tools to break, that is the very reason why it is there.

Let me suggest you a practical solution.

You should speak to the developers of your AUT (Application Under Test) and ask them to slightly change the AUT. The AUT should NOT challenge you (= your WebUI test) with the CAPTCHA. The AUT should allow your tests easier access to the pages.

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Another idea that you can try is to put in a delay that is just long enough for you to determine that your script is waiting for you and then enter the text manually, like:


If you try it this way, I would also rename the TestCase to indicate that this specific script cannot be run alone. So perhaps you can add ...(wMan) to the name of any test script that you have a Captcha.

request your Dev engg to disable Captha in QA/Dev environment. or captha API details to override the behaviour in AUT