How to execute katalon in already active instance?

I want to run in batch, several katalon testSuites. However, every time a launch an instance it takes a long time and takes a lot of resources. Is it possible to run the tests in already existing instances of katalon instead of opening and closing every independent execution?

@jjroblesg I am not sure what do you mean by instance here but you can have a collection of test suites under Test Collection and run them sequential or parallel.


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With “instance” I mean the same process in the OS.
That is, when I execute katalon.exe for the first time, it executes a particular test suite .
Then, I’d like to keep that katalon.exe process open and execute a subsequent test suite in that same already running process. I’ve found the “-noExit” parameters, and it works well and keeps the process opened, however If I run another katalon.exe command instead of running in the same process, it opens a new one. Is there a way to run the subsequent test suides in the same process?