How to exclude SetUpTestCase from some test cases in test suite?

Hello! I’m currently creating a test suite with some pre set up test steps by using SetUpTestCase() in test suite. (Opening of browser and logging in of account)

However, i’d like to exclude some test cases from the test suite. These test cases involve the setting up of new accounts, and hence i do not want Katalon to log into my existing account.

Currently, the only round about way i can think about approaching this issue is to open browser, log in, and then log out afterwards before continuing with my test.

May i know if there is a way to disable SetUpTestCase() from certain test cases in the same test suite?

setupTestCase is designed to happen before every test case. Therefore, when you run into an issue like this, you have to consider if you chose the correct way to handle the situation you have.

That said, you could detect some condition and only then proceed with your setup instructions:

def setupTestCase() {
  if( some_condition ) {
    // do something


This sounds as though you need to use Test listeners: