How to encrypt my password that I assign in global variable?

Hi Good day

Currently my user name and password is stored in global variable under profile
and I would like to know how to encrypt the password because when we try to upload it on github the DevOps admin detects a security issues regarding the password in global variable.

Is there a way I can encrypt this?

Found a guide : Is there any way to store passwords in encrypted format in global variables?


I think you should NOT write password at all in the in the project, and in the github repository.

Even if you encrypt the password, as long as it is written somewhere in the project, your DevOps admin might still detect it as a security issue and complain about it.

If I need to use some password for testing a URL, I would never write and save the password in the project. Instead, I would write the password in the Keychain on my Mac, and I would write a code in Katalon Studio that communicates with Keychain app and retrieve the required password.

Of course I would never disclose my Keychain database. Absolutely nobody can see it other than me. And I will encrypt that database for further security in case my Mac is stolen, of course. Separating password database out of my test project, I can absolutely sure that there is no security issues in my tests.