How to downgrade Katalon WebDriver

I am running Katalon on a company controlled desktop simulator that has Microsoft Edge Version 101.0.1210.39 installed. I have no ability to change that.

I tried to start a web session using Katalon and got the following error: “This version of Microsoft Edge WebDriver only supports Microsoft Edge version 102.”

Is there any way I can downgrade Katalon’s WebDriver to 101?

Yes but you’ll need to put the driver in place yourself.

Try this dump – let me know if it helps:

  1. Backup your original/current driver here:


  1. Rename it to OLD-driver.exe or similar.

  2. Copy your legacy driver into the path above.

  3. Restart Katalon.

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OK, found a little problem but addressed it. The error said my “Microsoft Edge WebDriver” had the error. However, I was using “Edge Chromium”. I placed the “msedgedriver” file under the “/edgechromium_win64” directory and everything started to work fine. Thanks for the suggestion above.

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