How to disable to write automatically Test Suite reports

I set up not generating HTML, CSV and PDF to run Test Suite.
But reports that don’t include above files generate automatically every time Test Suite runs.

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Generating report file is built into Katalon Studio, and cannot be disabled. Disabling HTML, CSV, PDF types prevents these files from being generated, however the report folder and log files are still generated.

Can you share the situation and your motivation for disabling the reports entirely ?

Fill the memory useless? Like if is pass why I should get the report?
As an example, if I work katalon on VM with low memory I should check every time to don’t fill the memory.

Thank you for your suggestion, currently that’s not possible.

I have opened a github issue for ease of tracking

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Thank you for the info.

If you are concerned about the memory usage by the report compilation processing (which is sometimes very large when you have large tests), then it would be an idea to reduce the size of Step Execution log messages. How to reduce the Execution log of test cases?


and try to configure the like

This will reduce the size of Basic Reports.


Hi costea.georgian89,

The report is generated based on the purpose of users who use Katalon. For example, as my experience in real project, We need the report with details information to keep tracks result. Actually, the setting of generating CSV/HTML/PDF is not related to generated report in the Katalon tool as shunmatsu_begginer mentioned above. There is one plugin call “Basic Report” ( and it is added to Katalon for easier to use for now without configuring manually.

For your situation, it is easily to reduce memories related to report. Katalon also support it. Below is steps:

  1. Go to Project Settings
  2. Click on Executions
  3. Disable Logs executed test steps

Now, you run test suite again, be ale to see the folder of report but when viewing report on Katalon tool, no steps result track

Hope it will help you to reduce memory.

Setting Image:

Result after Setting:

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Thank you for the info, I know these details but I said only the reason why to disable:D

kindly bring more details here about ‘memory’
your concerns are about physical storage space or about RAM consumption?
based on the data you bring we may find solutions or good practice advice, up to now for me this request has nothing consistent to make katalon dev’s prioritize it.
Please bring some real use case examples, until then is just philosophy IMHO so we can move it to general discussions.

I just make an example for storage memory and I answer to dev question, and I was thinking a real case which I got on my VM.

this is again non-sense for me.
do we speak about storage space or about volatile memory?

LE: note that we don’t speak yet about CPU cycles, nor your VM.
we still try to define the ‘memory’ concept vs ‘what is storage’

So for 35 reports got 300 MB I think is pretty much for a VM which I got free only 9 GB and if I want to use for about 1 year I will have 3.5GB and this is happening only for 5 test case if I will have 20 will be some memory, and yes we talk storage memory I don’t know why you do this thing, was a simple idea, the dev ask a situation and I give him a situation so…

@costea.georgian89 Relax. @ThanhTo has already logged an issue on Github. If the devs are sympathetic, your suggestion will be honored in a future release of Katalon Studio.

I’ll move this thread to Features category.

@Russ_ThomasI know that, thank you! And was a simple situation.


Can you share the situation and your motivation for disabling the reports entirely ?

I’m worried that many Reports files will degrade the performance of the test run.
But from now on I’ll don’t care whether these files will affect performance, because I don’t use low memory VM.