How to detect label on android.view.View?

Hi I’m very newbie in automate testing and now I’m facing issue that android.view.View cannot detect message in the popup.

From the image all I can see from record mobile are android.view.View object.

From the image I tried to use verifyElementText to detect word “Error” and “Network not available, please check your connection.” from android.view.View but actual result are null.

Any suggestion to solve this issue?

Sorry for my bad english.

Hi @kanapod.saenkasemsak, thank you for asking. Probably you should check your selected locator for “Desc-Error_Network” in the Object Repository to see if it is giving you the expected text or null. If you could provide a screenshot of it, it could help us figure out your problem.

Hi @chen.lee
This is my Object properties.
I have tried to insert text same as expected result but no luck.

You may need to check whether your accessibility ID is the same as your content-desc to be able to locate the object. You should probably check this documentation here to see different ways to locate a mobile object.

Thank you for replied. @chen.lee

I have rechecked.
Locator has same value as content-desc but actual result is still null.
I think now object can be located but the value is empty.

I will continue check documentation.