How to delete log automatically

Hey Guys,

my english is not the best, but i try to explain my Problem.

So, i have a programm, that repeats always the same thing.

my problem is:

after 1 oder 2 hours, the programm is not that fast as when i startet it.

so the Problem is the log.
do you know a command, with that i can delete the log automatically?

iā€™m trying to find that out, but at least i found nothing or i have the wrong tags for searching.

i hope you can help me

thanks :wink:


you can do it programatically, create an executable java file and run it in Task Scheduler - every hour or so.
It may as simple as

File logFile = new File("C:\\path\\to\\log.txt")

ok, that means,i must write another Programm, that deletes the log of the Browser Extension?

Your Solution is for Katalon IDE?

thanks for helping again