How to deal with a hybrid mobile app(cordova) that actually is a single page application.

I’m facing some challenges to run test automation on a hybrid
mobile app. The hybrid mobile app is actually a single page
application(spa). That means the app stay’s on the same page and angular javascript is used to build the pages.

example when I perform a succesfull login and navigated to a landing
page. When doing some verification on the landing page then katalon
thinks I’m still on the login page.

I can
confirm this because when the landed page is shown on the Android
emulator and then use the record mobile feature for capturing the test
objects then the login page objects are still captured while actually on
the Android mobile the landed page is shown.

I tried to use WebUI.waitForAngularLoad(30) before verifying. But this
will not work because I’m dealing with a Mobile interface, so I don’t
have a web address to open on browser and execute

Is there a solution to deal with this kind of challenges in Katalon Studio?