How to customize Report Generation?


I have following needs:

  • Customization of Execution Environment:
    • Addition of "Version" string of the Project in the Report (HTML or PDF) that I'm testing, e.g., Version: My Project 3.13.
    • While running in Headless mode, removal of "Browser" from the Execution Environment or removal of "Host"
    • Adding other custom properties
  • Command line PDF report generation: While executing command line, I need to generate report in PDF format
Is it possible to achieve the above functionalities?




I am also looking for same information . Experts Please advice .

**Command Line PDF report generation: **Yes, it’s possible. Add


to your command, then execute it. When it’s done, the HTML, CSV, PDF, and JUnit reports will be found in the directory you specified.

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I also need to know how to insert more fields in reports! I want to include the object name each action was done on, as well as the profile used for the test.


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Yes, I would also like to know how to add more info into the reports. (Without programing would be preferable.)

A well trained programmer would be able to generate his own report in Katalon Studio provided that com.kms.katalon.core.context.TestSuiteContext class supports a new method getTimestamp()

Please refer to my discussion here:

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Any other alternatives available? If not, can we make it a feature request to have customizable reports in Katalon studio project settings?

Like kazurayam said, write your own. That way you have total and complete control.

Here’s what mine look like:

They are written out in text, HTML and JSON. For email I use


I was hoping for a alternative for someone with little to no programming experience.

Your solution probably works very well, but I can’t use it.

hey I am using katalon version 5.10.0. As suggested used the above flag for pdf report generation but except pdf all other mentioned reports are getting generated. Do i need to add few other flags to the command-line.

I can’t remember if PDFs used to be generated in the past, but they aren’t anymore.

According to this page (see -reportFileName option), only HTML, CSV, and LOG are generated through console.

Perhaps we could file a feature request to include PDF.

To customize the report generation, you have to open the analytics account and then open your report there. There will be an option for the customization, select that. There you can create a new custom report and also edit the existing one. Is there any error like I have found ERROR CODE 0XC0000428 and that is necessary.

I don’t want to show Host Name in the Katalon generated report, can anyone help me out with this.


Simply remove the host name column in email template setting .

Is there any way through which we can represent the test case consolidated result (Total pass, fail and skipped) in graph either bar graph or pie chart in the report.

Maybe somewhere there is an example of diagrams?

Is there a way to add test ID and profile name to the report?

Hey @Katalon_team , How about time we allow adding some custom fields in Report Summary. It is one of the key aspect to know the build/version of tests. But Report summary or either Email Template does not allow us to mention that.
This gets management people little confused, because they simply look for summary and without build/version , they wont understand on which iteration the tests were run