How to create dynamic test object

Hi guys,

I am pretty new to Katalon and I am trying to do a test run on Jira. I recorded some steps where I create manually some Epics, Topics, User-Stories etc in Chrome.

A simple example:
I created a topic in Jira from scratch and recorded it
Then I created separately 2 user-stories, test, test execution etc and linked them to the previously created topic issue

The structure looks like this: story XXX with the following linked issues:

So far so good - now the issue is that when I execute the test script in Katalon Studio, it starts with the creation of the topic, then the other tickets. In the end they are linked to the topic as I did it manually…

The next step however is to go from the topic into all of the linked issues - but they have different IDs since they have been created by the test skript just now in the test run…

The only sure thing is that every time the amount of linked issues will be constant. And although the IDs will be different, the names will be always “Pre-Condition of User-Story#1 of Epic#3” etc… so this could be used as identifier…

The problem is that once I run it again the script will not know which ticket to click and it will click always on the first one. (since the previously recorded test object have different IDs anyway)

That is the code for the one elemen (the whole row)

How can I create a manual test object which will be able to detect any random linked issue based only on its name, for example name.contains(“Pre-Condition of User-Story#1 of Epic#3”) and so on without checking the id…?

I don’t understand what you mean by saying “the id”.
Which part of the HTML code fragment does “the id” point to?
What do you mean in saying “without checking the id”?

I was able to think of a better solution… I created the following object in repository:

Now as you can see I used the variable number when adding some properties to the object.

I also created following script (a really basic one):

So basically I want to open the webbrowser and find (and CLICK) an object link. For now I use a known value for “number” which is KEAMI0002-244, only to check if this is going to work. Later I will set the variables on a the test run.

On the opened webpage, the following tickets have been linked:

So the link KEAMI0002-244 is linked and should be visible, but still the object cannot be found and the script cannot run the “click” function.

Once I run the script, I get following error:

Can you give some advice how can I pass the value of “number” to the object?

Many thanks!

Have you ever read the following document?

Why would you do that?
Are you working for Atlassian as a tester to do it from Web?

Jira have a powerfull RESTfull API which can handle almost anything you need, see:

In fact, Katalon Studio has a built-in sample project for API Testing.

This project talks to a JIRA server. This seems to be straight-forward. You, @stanislav.izvorski , wouldn’t need to open Web Browser.