How to create data-driven template quicker and faster?

Here is my example, and it is ok.
But, I need a method to create the same data-driven template by not using my list : stt!

Hi @tester20183450

I recommend use Test Data to store your raw data. Test Data provides you with first an interface so that data creation is much faster. It also provides you with a set of APIs to retrieve values which can be used to get and process values. Furthermore you can bind the Test Data to your test cases in a test suite.

No, you still don’t understand what I mean. What I need is to get the content of ”st“t directly through ”str“,

Hi @tester20183450

If you are using TestData (data in screenshot) try to use 2 col. 1st with JSON property name and 2nd with JSON property value. You will get array of array form data.getAllData()

def json = new groovy.json.JsonBuilder()
Map tmpMap = [:]
def myTestData = findTestData('ExcelTestData')
ArrayList tmpArray = myTestData.getAllData()
 tmpArray.each {
	tmpMap[it[0]] = it[1]
	//tmpMap.put(it[0], it[1])