How to create a folder with time stamp

Issue 1:

Hi i have to validate User Accounts . I have around 10 user account . Each and every time when i am validating that accounts the results needs to go to specific folder and it need to create sub folder with time stamp and store all the screen shots .

For example

Folder name : useraccounts2(main folder) → 7/22/2019_ 11:53(sub folder)-> all the screenshots

so when ever i am executing User Account 2 that validation status should go to useraccounts2 folder

Issue 2:

Like that once the first account validation is done then the over all status need to capture in Excel. for that inside account validation i had multiple condition so i have to validate all the conditions are ok or not . if all the conditions are become true then it need to be pass or fail .

Please provide solution for my issues

thanks regards

Hello ,
Didn’t understand what the issue is ? did you try to use custom keywords ? you should be able to achive this using custom keywords

Issue 1:
Do you need help implementing this ? we are going to need more information
how are you validating the accounts ? (different testcases/ the same test case)

Issue 2:
same as the first issue we are going to need more information
see this it might help

Do you need help implementing this ? we are going to need more information - Yes
how are you validating the accounts ? (different testcases/ the same test case) - **Same test case ** but different username and password.

More info for Issue 1:

According to the Test case i have to validate some checkpoints and need to take screen shot all the checkpoints even it is pass or fail . if i execute the case via Test Suite , I gave username and password details via excel . i have done the data setup. So once i execute the case it will execute automatically all 10 accounts rights. for me once the 1 user accounts validated then all the screenshots needs to go to the particular folder useraccounts1 (main folder) -> 7/22/2019_ 11:53(sub folder) like that once it started 2 nd user account it should go to useraccounts2 (main folder) -> 7/22/2019_ 11:53(sub folder).

More info - Issue 2

I have around 100 steps in Testcase. if all the steps are passed then in excel need to write as pass if not fail . it need to be done if it is Useraccount 1 means corresponding column in case Useraccount 2 corresponding column .

if you want a quick solution for the first issue:

  • Create 10 test suites, name the test suites from username 1 to username 10

  • insted of giving all the data to one test suite you have to make each test suite read only one line of the excel file so username 1 will read line 1 etc …
    you can do this by changing the Data iteration in the testdata

  • after you create all the test suites create a test suite collection and add all your test suites

this might not be the most efficient solution but it should work

as for your your second issue take a look at this plugin ,i have never used it but it might help you

you are going to have to do some programming for the second issue as far as i know there is no direct solution

hi thanks for your support