How to Connect to HANA DB

Hi , We are trying to connect to HANA DB using Katalon Studio. Has any one tried it ? any pointers would be helpful.


The following links provide enough information for you:

@kazurayam, thank you for a quick response. So far have you got any request on how HANA db should be connected ? Which clients we use ?

I have never seen / touched HANA db.

I just googled with key “hana jdbc”, “katalon db”, and found the above two links. These were enough for me to know that any Java-based clients, of course Katalon Studio is one of them, can connect to that DB using JDBC interface.

Thank you @kazurayam !!

Hello Everyone!

Katalon Studio version 8.2.5 enabled the connection to the SAP HANA database.
To set up SAP HANA database for Data-driven testing, download our latest release 8.2.5, and the executable jar file: SAP HANA JDBC Driver then follow this tutorial: Connect to a database with an external JDBC driver.

Curious what’s been updated in this release? Take a look at Release Notes 8.2.5.