How to connect db2


Hi i am tried so many times to connect to db2 .But the process is going on not showing any error or any issue so please help me out how can i mange to connecting **



Hello, please provide necessary info. Your information is kind of vague.


HI Katalon Team,
Similar query on db2 connection.

How to address the issue I encountered when trying to connect to a db2 system in Katalon Studio - Database - Project Setting. Where I’m getting the message "Connection failed! No suitable driver found for jdbc:db2://xxxxxx:yyyy/zzzzz. Many thanks for the help.
(see screenshot below)




Looks like you might have to import the DB2 drivers via Project–>External Libraries. Once on “External Libraries” click on “Add” button to add the drivers.

You can get the DB2 drivers corresponding to the version of DB2 you are using from

Save the driver you get from above link and add it to your Katalon Studio via External Libraries option.

Let us know how that goes


I have placed external library but still its not working