How to compare data in excel sheet with text in website


In my test case I have to fill up a form for a online quotation
There is a drop-down to select MALE and FEMALE.
For data to be inserted in the form, I am picking my data from excel sheet and writing them in website.
But when its come to select the Gender I am not able to select Male and Female according to the data in the excel sheet.

Error: Every-time I am getting “Female” Option in Form ( its a case Sensitive Element)

Please Help me as soon as possible

Steps in katalon script

WebUI.selectOptionByValue(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Carpeesh Online Quote/Page_Online Quote/select_Select Gend’),findTestData(“New Test data”).getValue(“Gender”,1),true)

Without having a look at your HTML code we can only guess …
Most probably the gender element in your page doesn’t have a writable text field, but is a selector (radio, checkbox,list whatever).

So you have to use a logic bloc, sort of if valuefromTestData=Male select option1 else select option2

Please See this image