How to Click In a button

Dear ,
Can you please tell me how to click in the specific Search button by using codes.

I am using‘Create Click/Page_Bill of Entry/a_Search’))

But it is not doing.

Can you please help me?

Here is the html:

Search Bill of Entry Back   Search

If you right-click on the “Search” word and then select “Inspect”, a portion of the page will display the HTML. You may have to right-click on the “Search” word and select “Inspect” a second time to have the HTML display your precise element.

What is the pathway you are using for “a_Search”? Maybe like: //a[text()="Search"]


//td[text()="Search Bill of Entry"]/following-sibling::td/a[2]

He pasted the raw HTML, but didn’t put it like this

<!-- HTML code -->