how to check rotating image on mobile

While I tak a test on mobile, I wonder it is possilbe that I can check the rotating image.

I want to know the way how katalon understand those images.

Does katalon recognize those image one by one or ?

I understood what you said.

I try to use those codes but it only works in app not in web.

Is there any way I can get a Top/Left position in web??

Or any other better way to take a test about rotating image in web?

After the rotation action happens, images or elements are relocated. The dragged element still presents on the page but its location is different with itself at the beginning of the rotation. Then, I believe that checking the dragged element’s location is one the most suitable verification for the drag and drop keyword in this case.

The left, and top position are used to locate the position of an element on the page (x,y). After the rotation, the left and top position are changed means your drag and drop keyword works fine or the rotation feature of your tested page works properly.


I checked your answer again. Thank you again.

I don’t fully understand what you said.

Why should I check the element position, what about element itself?

Do top and left position have any specific meaning?

Could you please more in detailed?

Please compare element position before and after the action happens.

Some useful keywords to use: GetElementTopPositionKeyword, GetElementLeftPositionKeyword.

I think I didn’t describe what I want properly.

Let me show you an example. (please look at this website on mobile)

There is an menu whose name is “THE LATEST”

There are few photos with a message and I can rotate them by drag&drop.

Also, there are some buttons that shows their pictures.

But what if there is no button and only drag & drop works for image rotation.

The katalon studio catches the moment that picture stops? or while it rotates?

Thank you for reading this.

Hi Kim,

Keywords for comparing 2 images in Mobile are not available on Katalon now, we are developing them. Please wait, they will come soon.

For your specific case, we can rotate the original image and compare it with the actual.