How to call selenium webdriver

I want to call selenium webDriver

Hi Tuấn,

Yes, this is how we get the web driver while executing test case/suite. Do you still have any problem?

I want to call selenium to build keyword. The following code is true ?

public class abc{


def keywordName(String a) {

def driver =DriverFactory.getWebDriver()


Actions action = new Actions(driver)


Hi Tuấn,

Instead of calling Selenium WebDriver, you can use our “Open Browser” keyword in your test case then select any browser from Run command of the main toolbar to execute it.


I want to call too. I do custom keyword and I have seen a selenium lib in sources. I want to now the keyword I can call selenium :frowning:

That provided functions from Katalon Studio is wrapped from Selenium WebDriver functions, so they will do the same I believe.