How to block some keyword or import statement being used in test cases

Is there any option in katalon if any user used some keyword or import statement in testcases in project, some waning or error should popup telling we used these keywords, like that…

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I am sure, there is no such feature.

Which keyword do you want to block? Do you want to block WebUI.openBrowser() keyword? Or any other Katalon’s builtin keywords? Why?

If you don’t need Katalon keywords in your project … why do you keep using katalon?
in the end Katalon is just a wrapper top of groovy, selenium and some other stuff.
with some buggy bling-bling …

Hi, thanks for replay, basically in our project delay is not allowed and some import are automatically added while editing script and it caused error when script runs on Linux server. That why if any option to warn people when the import statement is added in script.

What sort of error have you got? Any screenshot?

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