How to add data test to "modifyObjectProperty

Hi there,
anyone now how to add data test too order “modifyObjectProperty”.
WebUI.modifyObjectProperty(findTestObject(ObjectRepository), ‘PropertyToChange’,
‘equals’,howToAddDataTestHere, true)

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What data do you mean? This keyword takes String as modifyValue parameter (in this case your data). Simply add there a string with new value of a property.

I want have there dynamic property which change after each test case execution. I want get him from row in excel data test. First execution get first row from data test, second execution get next etc.

I think this is not possible. You’d have to save your last data (or # of execution) into some external object (database, file, …) and then load next one. There is background logic, but still you have to save the result into a string.

you can do that, just follow this link

and change the action according to your need

Hi guys! I have the similar problem to Przemek’s. I want to have a different row in each execution. How can I use function getRowNumbers() to set this action?

I’ve already seen an article here, and what I see is a specific data set for a particular part of a test case - not an execution with a different data row.
I honestly have no idea how am I supposed to change the action.

Thanks in advance!