How to add a local variable value with Global variable

import internal.GlobalVariable as GV
GV.a =0
int b = 5 //local variable
GV.a = GV.a + b

_But, I got an error.
_Did i missed anything? If yes, Please share your suggestion

are the variables Int ? maybe the global variable is String?

Please also post error message as well. For me, I think this line is the root cause of your error message:

GV.a = GV.a + b

Hello @“Mathivanan C”: Please create the Global Variable (a) first at Global Variable dialog.
Then you can use it as normal.
Please refer to screenshot for short reference or see more details here:

2017-12-19 15_20_00.png

I’m trying to pass the filename which is present in the project directory to the Global Variable. But it is not picking the value…