How to add a dubblequote to send keys?

I want to add a dubblequote " in my searchfield.
I tried this:
WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(‘Arbeidsrecht/Homepage/SearchBar/Search_bar’), ‘"’)
and also tried to escape the last part like this ‘\"’
Both do not work. Anyone have suggestions?

Please try to add backslash before the quotation mark, that should work.

WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject('Arbeidsrecht/Homepage/SearchBar/Search_bar'), 'testing \"quotation\" double quote ')

And the output result sample would be: _testing “quotation” double quote _

hi nhi,

This also does not work. The console shows the correct output with the double quotes (_testing “quotation” double quote) _but it is filled in the search bar without the double quotes (testing quotation double quote)

@“Ed van Zoolingen”: Could you please show me your test script to handle it cause I have no doubt when try with it. Please see attachment.

2017-12-19 13_08_26.png