How Run a Element ( Element is visible )

Hello Friends,

I need to run this Element , but Element is visible

  • When Mouse over it’s Element : See it on

  • When Mouse out it’s Element : See it off

How can I run this Archor
Every know it , please to share some tip

Thank you so much

Katalon not find Element ( Archor) Xpath

Please know to help

I am run : Successfull

After chagne Xpath Position

Thank Brian Duson is repling for me

I solve this issue

Before the mouse hover action, the element is not exist, so Katalon could not find it. Depends on the implementation, there are some approaches:

  • Does the element exist in DOM, event though it is not visible?
  • Is there any bouding element that exist, and the event of hovering can make the element visible?
  • Position is also an option
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Yes Brian_Ducson

Your mention is Good point
I solve it for : Number 3 ( Position is also an option )

Thank for your kindly