How renew offline license when it expired

How can I renew offline license? Is it true that I must wait until it is expired and all tests running fails? I have paid license for one year.
“For the offline environment, once converted,the license cannot be transferred to another machine until it is expired.”
Sorry but this sound a little bit stupid system. Like I cannot take my car to car service until it is broken?

Hi @Ilkka_Kovalainen

An offline license stays offline until either 60 days passed or it’s expired. After 60 days it will be released to be an online license, which you can take the steps to convert it to an offline license again.

Hey come on. Offline == offline all the time. It means that online check fails… Oh dear, again.

Hi @Ilkka_Kovalainen

The offline license is not permanently offline. After 60 days it’d become an online license again. And then you can create the offline license from this online license again. I am not sure what do you want to ask.

Simply. Why I cannot renew offline license before it expired?

Edit: Online license check does not work all the time. I know, you can believe it, I have tested it.