How objects contained in iframes show up in OR?

Just looking for clarifications on how test objects/elements contained in iframes should be displayed or shown in the Object Repository.
In Object Spy, I get something like this:
Page Page1
— iFrame1
-------- iFrame11
------------- Object1

After saving to Object Repository, the iFrame1, iFrame11, Object1 are all shown in the OR on the same level as follows:
Page Page1
— iFrame1
— iFrame11
— Object1

Is this how it is supposed to be shown in the OR?
I was hoping to see these items to be shown just like in the Object Spy screen so you can easily tell that Object1 is contained in iFrame11 which is contained in iFrame1.

Thank you.

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Once you captured the objects in the OR is up to you to create folders and put inside de iframes that you captured.
Another way is to have the frames all in a folder called: Page_Frames. Then in the frame objects you will specify which is the father (parent iframe … is there a checkbox for that)


Hi francorebu,

Thanks for the info but, how do you move the Object1, in my example, to be inside the iFrame11?
As I showed in the example, Object1 is contained in Page1 along with iFrame1 and iFrame11 so Object1 is contained in Page1 but outside iFrame11. I tried to drag and drop Object1 to iFrame11 (like in UFT) but it does not work. I’m so new to Katalon Studio so there’s a lot of tricks I need to learn with this tool.

Thanks again.

It is pretty similar to uft…you need to go to the object1 and once within the object there ir a section called parent frame…you should click right there and specify the frame …
And in the case 1 frame is inside another frame…is the same…you have to specify which is the parent frame…and so on…

Hi francorebu,

So the frames and objects should display in the OR similar to what we see in the Object Spy where there’s some sort of indentation? Like below
Page Page1
----- Frame1
----------- Frame11
----------------- Object1

This indentation is missing in my case but I will redo it to double check. So I am seeing below (as if Object1 is not contained in Frame11 and as if Frame11 is not contained in Frame1 – all being in same level as they appear).
Page Page1
----- Frame1
----- Frame11
----- Object1

You also said adding objects and putting inside the frame. How? Do you drag the object and drop to the frame like in UFT? That didn’t work for me.

Do you know of any sample app containing frame and even frame contained within another frame that people use to try out Katalon Studio?


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What i am trying to say is first you have to identify the 3 objects…once you have the 3 elements in the object repository…yo have to specify that frame 1 is the parent off frame11…so for that you have to select frame11 and there is a section call parent frame or sth like that…there you have to specify that…
The same for the object1 …you have to specify that frame11 is the parent of object1 so you have to select object 1 and in the parent frame you have to specify that frame11 is the parent by selecting the element within that section.
I hope you i
Understand the idea.
One you have the elements it is up to you how to reorganize those elements…
My recomendation for you is to learn more about inspecting elements with xpath… read more about page object pattern…and how to inpect elements when they are within frames…

Hi francorebu,

I understand about the Parent/Child relationship of these objects/elements and iframes and pages.
The way they are displayed in the Katalon Studio Object Repository just doesn’t indicate which objects/elements/iframes are contained in the parent iframes.

That is mainly what this topic/post was all about - How the objects are displayed in the Katalon OR.



I try to use extra folders for the iframes. However, when I move the objects, the path is not taken over into the script.
In the previous version I think that was still possible.