How may I simulate SMS activation text & Email verification process for an app registration?

I need to add email verification and SMS activation task to be added in my automation scripts.
I have no idea regarding SMS activation via phone number and email verification.

Concerns are,

  1. to use API protocol for working with SMS - activate
  2. for email yandex format

Email: Password SMTP(MAP): password http : secret question

(I want to deal with the email using SMTP protocol (MAP)

Hello and thank you for your question,

Can you tell us what version of the product you are using?

Best, Sara

Hi @getme24h,

It would be of great assistance if you could supply me with additional details so we can fully comprehend your situation and present you with the best appropriate solution.

  • What type of your app is it a desktop or a mobile app
  • What is your step to verify via SMS and email