How many seconds is "Wait until page is loaded" value?

I’d like to know the seconds of “Wait until page is loaded”(Project → Settings), because not sure which one to use the above or “Wait for(in seconds)” if change the seconds of findTestObject search.
Does it mean that Katalon permanently keeps waiting until page is loaded regardless of the number of seconds?

Yes, Katalon seems to be waiting for page loaded somehow. But, as far as I know, it has not been well documented how Katalon behaves for “wait for page loaded”. And I do not know it either. I guess, the implementation of “Default wait for page load” is so complicated that Katalon Team is reluctant to write any description about it.

When I am serious, I personally do not rely on Katalon built-in features so much for making sure page is loaded, because I can not be confident of. Rather I always prefer “WebUI.verifyElementPresent(a specific HTML node, timeout)”. I always choose HTML nodes that I expect to be loaded lately. I am always specific which HTML node in the page to look at and how long I am prepared to wait for the node to appear.

See also this say:

If you are working on a serious test and want to be 100% sure, then quote from this say:

So, there is no one-shot command/API to solve this – the solution is in the (your) approach.

However often I play on easier tests, then I would relax; I too rely on the “Default wait for page load”, leave it as is, and would not mind how it works.


Thank you.
I’ll consider using waitForPageLoad instead of relying on features that do not describe the behavior in detail.