How many people test with the Safari driver?

I recently ran into an issue using the Safari driver (posted here Safari accept ssl certification does not work?)

I did a lot of searching within Katalon Community and Stackoverflow and I didn’t find a solution or a whole lot of information on the subject in general. So I am curious to see how many people actually test using the Safari driver.

Are there issues related to it making it not as popular? Is it a waste of time trying to automate with it?

why should we? even my wife, apple addicted, is using firefox.
i know, i am bad …
my guess is … there is not much interest in customers wanted to be sure their services play nice in safari.
i havent looked recently into browsers market share but i have a strong feeling safari is not on the top of requests.
as a consequence, the driver get less love and so on

Right. That’s what I assumed but wanted confirmation with others to make sure I’m not crazy :sweat_smile:

on my previous job, safari was at the bottom of the browsers of interest, so tests done on it where just manual at exploratory level, some time to time.
was not worth it to spend effort to incorporate them in the usual test plans and/or automating.


@Russ_Thomas agreed. and in case of a concerned customer (read as paranoid customer) you can quickly do some clicks here and there to make him happy :slight_smile:
(provided they provide you with a physical device for testing, if not … sorry boss, can’t do)

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