How I can do a concurrences test in katalon?

Hi guys,

I want do a concurrences test using katalon studio, but I don’t found information about this process, This is possible or not?


There is no direct facility available to do that in Katalon (yet - @ThanhTo @duyluong?)

There are two feature you could try to co-opt into supporting something similar:

  1. Parallel Testing (see here).

  2. Execute test by hand.

Executing single test cases by hand will allow you (within the limits of your test environment) to start as many copies as you wish.

You might also look at…


Katalon Studio is not meant for executing tests concurrently. On Test Suite Collection there is an option for parallel testing, but it’s more of just switching between threads. You can try it out, if you have not taken measures to make sure your code is thread safe though, there may be some complications.

Runtime Engine was made to execute tests from command line, with Runtime Engine licenses, you can execute as many tests in (true) parallel as you need. Russ’s suggested Load Balancing for Local Test Environments documentation is an example of how you can leverage Runtime Engine.

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Thanks for your help, It’s very interesting this way.

Thanks for your help, I will try.