How get Katalon Recorder to work with Ember.js Dynamic ID's

I have a large ember.js web site and need to produce selenium tests quickly using Katalon Recorder. Unfortunately when playing back my recordings they fail because ember.js use of dynamic id’s. I can fix the issue by editing each object that contains a ember id reference but the tests scripts are long and there will be many of them. I did not see any comments in the forum with a suggestion on how to fix this issue without editing every object that contains the xapth. I could modify the objects themselves using a python scripts after they are first created. Other than that is there a better way, a setting or perhaps use a listener to modify the script on the fly?

as solution to use xpath //*[contains(@id, ‘ember’)
or better way to discuss it with the dev team and subscribe that they can use

The HTML id of the view’s element in the DOM. You can provide this value yourself but it must be unique (just as in HTML):

{{my-component elementId=“a-really-cool-id”}}

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Since 3.5.0 you can use JavaScript to write custom locator builder. You can read more about this at